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First LJ community for the badass ' soon to be ' couple on the TV show NIKITA.

When it comes to her, he can't help himself but transgress his own rules.

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Reasons We Love Them:
1. Because they pulled weapons on each other, and on this show that's foreplay
2. Because we like the way he says Alexandra
3. Because they're sexy when they're mad at each other
4. Because when Alex was in jail, he came to bring her home
5. Because emotional distance is no longer his area of expertise
6. Because she took two bullets for him
7. Because he trusted her to give him an honest answer
8. Because he can't help falling for her, even when he's supposed to be using her
9. Because they both understand loyalty to family
10. Because the first time he asked for a kiss, she gave it to him (he just didn't say where)
11. Because he's keeping an eye on her