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When it comes to her, he can't help himself but transgress his own rules.

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Sean's Seduction Plan
chlavis333 wrote in salex_udierce
Originally posted by chlavis333 at Sean's Seduction Plan

Title: Sean's Seduction Plan
Fandom: Nikita
Characters Pairings: Sean and Alex
Summary: Sean write's down his plan to Seduce Alex
Disclaimer: I Don't Own Nikita

Plan to  Seduce form  new bond with Alex November 11th, 2011, 1300 hrs.

Find her kiss her help her
Continue to work closely with her
Save her
Share Commonalities
Push her up against the wall and
Make out in the elevator

Insert myself in her life
Make her fall so head over heals in love with me that when the time comes when she'll have to choose between 
me and Nikita she will have to choose me

Novemeber 11th, 2011, 1500 hrs
Abort plan clearly it is impossible to seduce miss
everyone has an angle and only kisses my hand!
Damn that was hot though


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Funny stff! :P
I already read it on

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