First LJ community for the badass ' soon to be ' couple on the TV show NIKITA.

When it comes to her, he can't help himself but transgress his own rules.

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willywho wrote in salex_udierce
Welcome to the first Salex LJ community!

After months of googling I found out that there is no Crozil comm on LJ. Shame, I know. That's why I'm here typing the first post to the first Salex comm out here. Exciting times.

It will be the place where you can post everything related to them : graphics, fictions, pictures, interviews... Everything. Feel free to make it a sweet/badass place.

The rules are basically the ones you already heard about : respect people around you and blah blah blah. Disrespect won't be tolerated.  

ALSO don't come here only to post things like : Olex is better or Mikita is the real deal. You have your opinions, that's great but don't show up here with the hope of destroying this Salex paradise. Please, thank you. 

If you want to spread the word, please be my guest! Don't be afraid.

If you don't know who is Salex, I highly invite you to catch up on Nikita ( CW, 2010 ). 
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Yay a Salex community!!!!!!!!! Finally! I'm sooooooo obsessed with Salex right now!

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